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League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region has a long history in protecting our parks and has recently worked with other groups to propose a ballot question for Colorado Springs' citizens that would require a vote of citizens before parkland can be sold or traded by the city. 

League encourages members and the public to support a November 2019 ballot measure proposed by Protect Our Parks (POPs) to the Colorado Springs City Council.

Contact City Council Members

Read this Colorado Springs Independent story for more information about the issue. 

League of Women Voters of the Pikes Peak Region bases its positions on issues studied, and adopted by, members. The following positions have been adopted by members and are the basis of League advocacy.

Parks Positions

Support parks, open space, and recreation by providing for planned land acquisition. (1949)

Protect integrity of land and wildlife in parks intended to be left in a natural state.

Support quality maintenance and adequate supervision of parks and facilities throughout the system.

Support an adequate annual budget, including capital improvements.

Prevent attempts to appropriate park lands for other purposes, or to divert funds intended for parks. Protect conditions in the Palmer-deeded park lands.

Support use of lottery money primarily for land acquisition; secondarily for development of new parks, additional development of new parks, renovation of existing parks, and additional development of existing parks. Lottery funds should not be used for maintenance. (1985)

AND In order to benefit the entire community, both Colorado Springs and El Paso County should:

base the value of land on an average of the previous year’s sales when [residential] developers pay fees in lieu of dedicating land for parks;

require industrial and commercial developers to dedicate land or pay fees in lieu of land for new developments; jointly explore areas of common interest such as green belts and trails.

The County needs to develop a system for creating neighborhood parks in the urbanized areas of the County. (1986)